Called to transcend violence

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“This peacemaking work was not an expression of defeat or weakness at all, but rather, it required a courageous and confident commitment to transcend violence.”-from Brian McLaren’s “Everything Must Change”

Brian McLaren may be one of the most important voices in mainstreaming Christian nonviolence. His newest book, “Everything Must Change: Jesus, Global Crisis and a Revolution of Hope” continues his journey and this trajectory pursuing the God of Peace. Brian McLaren has been amazing in his support for ‘Empowering Peacemakers’ (or EPYC) and other initiates for (eco)justice and conflict transformation.Brian McLaren“In my travels around the world, I see a lot to inspire cynicism -including a lot of shabby religious stuff I’d rather not even give examples of. But I also meet people who inspire hope and courage in me -emerging young leaders who “get” Jesus’ message of the kingdom of God, and who are living it and giving it away. They see the integral nature of mission – that it brings together God and humanity, humanity and creation, grace and nature, contemplation and action, evangelism and social justice, faith and politics, the making of disciples and the making of peace. Jarrod McKenna and friends are beautiful examples of this new breed of emerging integral leaders. I thank God for them. May their tribe increase!” Brian McLaren

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