Journal of Religion, Conflict, and Peace

I received this post about a new journal this week and thought it is worth ‘spreading the word” for both the general reader and those on the list who are interested in academic contributions to peace studies. Hope you find it a useful resource:

Journal of Religion, Conflict, and Peacelaunches online scholarly discussion of role of religion in peace.

The online scholarly journal, published by a collaborative of Indiana’s three historic peace colleges,is a forum for discussion of the role of religion in both conflict and peacebuilding.

The premier issue of the Journal features articles by nine major thinkers in theology, ethics, religious studies and conflict transformation.

Readers may access the articles about religion as a source of conflict and as a resource for peace without subscription and distribute them (with attribution and unaltered) freely. A “letters to the editor” feature further encourages dialogue among readers and scholars.

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