Open Invitation to our National Gathering

Adelaide: November 6th – 9th 2008

This is an open invitation to be a part of our National Gathering in Adelaide later this year which seeks to bring together people from around the country to network, share experiences and be further equipped for nonviolent life and action.

Costs will be kept to a minimum with scope for some part-scholarships.

This is the second such national gathering – the first was at Pallotti College in Millgrove, Victoria in December 2006 – from which Pace e Bene Australia emerged.  Click here for further details and registration.

The Pace e Bene AGM will be held on Nov 10th after the Gathering.


Alternatives to Weapons of War, Adelaide: November 11th – 13th  2008

Immediately after the Pace e Bene National Gathering, the city of Adelaide will also be hosting another significant gathering – a weapons Expo commencing on Nov 11th armistice day!!! …. to quote from the SA Premier’s press release:

“APDS has been launched for the Defence and Security industries creating a fully integrated, business orientated, and international forum for companies wanting to expand their business within the Asia Pacific. Market analysis clearly indicates that the Asia-Pacific is the significant growth market and yet it is the least represented by quality defence and/or security exhibitions”

Pace e Bene Australia intends to provide an ‘alternative nonviolent presence’ alongside this weapons marketplace. We are in the early stages of planning what shape this might take in Adelaide and in other parts of the country….what we hope is that there will also be some intentional activities around the country to raise awareness that there are other ways of doing business than by manufacturing and marketing machines that kill and injure people and the planet….we will keep you informed about what emerges – meantime, mark your diary and be creative in discerning how you might contribute to this conscientisation process – either by coming to Adelaide and/or staying on for a few days after the national gathering (I’m reliably informed that there are some interesting areas to visit where delicious grapes grow…) and/or by planning something in your own area/school/parish/community that seeks to provide a gospel-centred counter-witness on November 11-13th this year.

We would love your ideas and feedback together with info on activities planned by other groups.  Thanks.

There is also a website campaigning to stop the exhibition and you can sign up to receive email updates at the campaign gets underway.

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