The Daily Practice of Peace – Perth Workshop

Every day people face the challenge and consequences of violence and injustice. Some people confront violence with violence. Others remain passive. Neither approach is sustainable.

As individuals on a journey towards a sustainable practice of peace and nonviolence, we are seeking wholeness. We need to know who we are and how the dominant culture into which we were born shapes and conditions us. Sustainable spiritual growth requires the integration of the inner and outer journeys. Throughout the week, our conversation will move between the inner and outer concerns around developing a nonviolent foundation for living.

Friday, 6-11 December 2009.
Nathanael’s Rest, 800 Gill Street, Mundaring
Commencing 7pm Sunday and concluding 3.00pm

Costs – Includes program fees, accommodation, & meals/tea-breaks (and gst):

Early Bird Rates (up to November 2):
• Corporate = $660
• Individual = $550

Regular Rates (from November 3 onwards):
• Corporate = $700
• Individual = $600

If any individual finds the suggested costs might present an issue, please contact George to discuss.

Download the full brochure and registration form.

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