(NSW) Nonviolent Peacemaking: in your community … in your world 2012

4, 11, 18 August 2012 (3 Saturdays)
Edmund Rice Centre
15 Henley Rd Homebush West – opp Flemington Station

A 3 day workshop in nonviolent peacemaking for beginners and experienced practitioners.

Come and learn about:

  • the principles power of active nonviolence in the tradition of Jesus, Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr;
  • connecting personal transformation and social change;
  • concrete skills for putting nonviolent power into practice.

Whether we like it or not, most of us are enrolled in a class called “Violence 101” throughout our lives. This violence is all around us, in the media, in our families, across all parts of our society. Consciously or not, we are continually being schooled in the logic and practice of emotional, verbal, physical or structural violence.

There are a growing number of people around the world, however, who are using the more effective approach of creative nonviolence, the subject of our study program, to bring about change in their societies. Tunisia and Egypt have shown the world the power of creative nonviolence to bring about change in even the most repressive societies.

People are also using nonviolence to challenge personal, interpersonal, and social patterns of violence in their own lives. The more we are equipped with the vision and skills of nonviolence, the greater the chance for the emergence of effective nonviolent solutions in our lives and in the world.

Take time to discern the movement of God’s spirit at work, breaking down the logic of violence, calling us to be peacemakers in every aspect of our personal and collective lives, drawing us out into creative possibilities we never imagined for ourselves.

Using materials from From Violence to Wholeness and Engage: Exploring Nonviolent Livingtogether we will be inspired to rise above the destructive logic of violence, learn new ways of resolving conflict nonviolently, and practice the art of nonviolent peacemaking – in our community, in our world.

Cost: $90 ($35 per day if you can’t make it to all three)

To register: contact Ms Gill Burrowns on (02) 9922-2927 or by email

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