Nonviolent Interfaith Leadership Program 2014


20 Young People.

5 Days.

April 2014.

Life. Changing.



We would love to hear from applicants by NO LATER THAN Friday 14th March 2014

6th – 11th April 2014

There are many inspiring young people actively involved in community organisations and faith communities across Australia, who are working tirelessly to address our current social, political, military, economic and ecological challenges.  This program is designed to cultivate and build capacity in these young leaders to sustain change, go deeper and to bring people together.  This program was developed two years ago and is again open next year as a 5-day residential retreat for 20 young people.  It is an outstanding program, one not to be missed and will greatly benefit both the participants and their organisations or faith communities from which they belong.

Participants will GAIN :

  • A deeper commitment to living and working from an interfaith perspective;
  • Knowledge, skills and awareness of nonviolence
  • Leadership skills to help their local communities take action
  • The necessary skills to sustain their nonviolent community leadership
  • New friends and new networks of support and encouragement
“The PeBA non-violent leadership program is a powerful example of what is possible when religious traditions share their tools for peace. They have clearly succeeded in creating a powerful space for transformation…I have no hesitation offering my endorsement of this program.”

Ven. Freeman Trebilcock, Founder & Chairperson, InterAction



What Past Participants Have SAID :

“…It’s a unique opportunity to critique dominant patterns of violence and control and learn the first steps for imagining nonviolent alternatives.  I don’t know of anyone else offering a similar program.”


“The peace building skills I made doing this course will equip me for the rest of my life to help transform myself and the world into a better place”


“This event was with all honesty life changing for me


“I would definitely recommend this program to others…I believe I can make a real difference now”


“I feel more empowered to understand people from other faiths as well as excited to learn about nonviolence, love for self and others and love for God from their traditions.  The greatest outcome has been the friendships developed with people from other faiths here.”


“This course is highly effective and empowering. I feel significantly more like a leader in nonviolence and believe that all of us are capable and likely to significantly change how our worlds interact and mainstream nonviolence. I think every young (and not so young) everyone who is still interested in learning about themselves with a passion to improve their world should do this program”

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