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National Training Coordinator

Brendan Mckeague
Mob. 0429 448090

Pace e Bene Australia also has a National (General) Coordinating Committee made up of representatives from several states in which it has a presence. Please feel free to contact your local representative:

Don Reid – Convenor
Mob. 0417 948 141

Dale Hess – Treasurer and Public Officer
H. 03 9592 5247

Bob Myers – Co-convenor

New South Wales:
Gill Burrows – Secretary
H. 02 9922 2927, Mob. 0417 487135

Ron Plunkett
H. 08 8091 5265, Mob. 0488 091 257


Tony Robertson
Mobile 0417792509

Western Australia:
Don Reid
Mobile 0417 948 141

South Australia

Position vacant

About members of the team:

Brendan has been associated with Pace E Bene since 1994 and has worked to spread their ‘good news’ around Australia and overseas for the past twenty years. Brendan lives in Perth and works as a ‘professional peace-builder’, facilitating nonviolent processes such as Open Space Technology, Restorative Justice, Appreciative Inquiry and designing retreats, conferences and collaborative learning programs.  Brendan has recently co-founded The Conflict Company in Perth with other colleagues who specialise in transforming conflict and mainstreaming nonviolence.

Bob became involved with Pace e Bene at the gathering at Pallotti in November 2005. He was the first treasurer of Pace e Bene Australia Inc. Bob gained his experience for the job as the former Director of Brophy Family & Youth Services in his home town of Warrnambool. He is now supposed to be a retired counselor, mediator and author but is still writing. Bob did a FVTW course in 2004 and has since facilitated many nonviolence courses around his district as part of the inter-faith Warrnambool Region Social Justice Group. In short, he is a father, grandfather and great grandfather who promotes nonviolence to anyone who will listen. Bob is the author of two books on parenting, as well as his latest book, Travelling the Road of Peace and Happiness. His website is:

Dale began his involvement with Pace e Bene Australia in 2007 by helping to organise the Melbourne events of John Dear’s speaking tour. His first nonviolence training courses were with the Quakers (Movement for a New Society) in the early 1970s. He attended the Pace e Bene National Gathering in Adelaide in 2008 and became part of the coordinating Group at that time. Dale is retired, but is active with the Quaker Peace and Social Justice Network and Pax Christi, Victoria.

Gill attended Brendan’s first Sydney From Violence To Wholeness workshop in 2001 and was immediately ‘hooked’. Recognising her need to live nonviolently and the importance of encouraging the spirituality and practice of active nonviolence in every area of life, Gill volunteered to help set up PeBA and currently serves as secretary to the coordinating group. Gill is also one of the team who facilitates PeBA workshops and retreats around NSW. Gill is mainly retired but works a little part time. She is also a member of Pax Christi and is involved with other peace and justice activities in Sydney.

Don is a retired GP, married to Carol who is an Anglican priest, lives in the southwest of WA, and has taken part in many peace activities since the mid-1960s, including a protest pilgrimage in Spain during Lent 2009. He heard of PeBA in early 2006 via Brendan’s email networks. He retired in 2009, and after meeting some PeBA members at the Prophet School in Adelaide that year, offered to join the committee to see what they get up to!

Tony was born into suburban Catholicism in regional Geelong 60 years ago. He joined the Vietnam Moratorium movement as a teenager and picked up a strong social conscience from his father’s work for Vinnies, running a night shelter for homeless men. He has traveled lots, read books, listened to music, watched movies and met people who inspired and encouraged him to be himself with a passion for social change and inclusive relationships. He is now middle aged and aware of his obligation to mentor a new generation of peace activists and faith practitioners. He remains Catholic in its universal origins that connect us to all life and the planet. He rejoices in the grace of eccentricity that allows him to live with paradox. Now in Brisbane, he has been a participant in “From Violence to Wholenesss” and the “Engage” programs.  In 2005 he also participated in a National Non-Violence Gathering, where he presented a photo-essay on Masculinity and Non-Violence.