This theme explores more deeply the intention, the skills and the behaviours needed to sustain a commitment to a spirituality and practice of nonviolent living, working and leading. The content of this theme is best engaged in a reflective, retreat-type space and preferably with those who have participated in the previous two themes (or equivalent).

Content areas

  1. Personal work: the wonderful complexity of the self; the practice of silence; understanding the personal shadow, the collective shadow and the golden shadow; embracing and loving the enemy within; forgiving oneself and others; the process of scapegoating, projection and transference; nonviolent care of self; embracing ambiguity and paradox; daily practices and principles for sustaining a spirituality of nonviolence.
  2. Community work: centering meditations; truth and reconciliation process; collaborative maturity; nonviolent leadership skills and strategies; circles of deep inquiry; the paschal cycle of surrender and transformative co-creation