Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 11.27.12 amDue Friday 13th June

‘Going Deeper’

Oct 31st – Nov 5th 2014

Amberley Retreat Centre, Melbourne VIC

Following on from our April “Nonviolent Interfaith Leadership Program,” we are excited to offer an opportunity to convene a national gathering of the Pace e Bene Community. Under the banner, “Going Deeper”.

We need to know if you are interested in attending such a gathering.  Please click here to register your interest by Friday 13th June!!

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• We intend to offer a day of public presentations for the local Melbourne community, to introduce our the work of the Nonviolent Interfaith Leadership Program to a wider gathering.
• We intend to build on the themes of the NILP events of 2012 and 2014 and offer opportunities for participants to build capacity as facilitators. In the spirit of co-learning, we will use our program themes and invite interested persons to prepare and present an experience of their choosing for the group and to receive constructive feedback.
• We intend to explore in more depth the spirituality themes that support and sustain a nonviolent way of living.• We intend to focus on the practical matters to enable individuals or small groups to form Communities of Practice in their local communities.
• We intend to explore ways to strengthen our Pace e Bene Community networks so that we all have more opportunity to be in touch and to encourage and inspire each other.
• We intend to have lots of time to share with each other our stories of learning, transformation and action.
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Brendan, Ann and George are keen to continue to share with others their gifts to enable a larger community of facilitators to emerge in the Pace e Bene Community. We invite you to consider being part of this significant residential gathering.