This theme explores a range of skills and strategies that support a commitment to living and engaging more nonviolently in our relationships, in our workplaces and in our communities.

Content areas

  1. Personal work: introduction to inner-self, connecting to a bigger story, personal capacity for violence and nonviolence; identifying ‘witnesses of the way’, people of peace; naming places of nourishment and renewal; engaging intention through mind and heart connections; linking compassion, forgiveness, restoration and reconciliation; five foundational skills (observing self, creating a centred presence, listening to understand others, speaking one’s own truth, openness to presence of the Spirit).
  2. Community work: dialogical processes and circle work; restorative practices; engaging with complexity, collaborating, co-creating and enabling emergent design; Open Space Technology (OST); Appreciative Inquiry (AI); Circle Work (CW); Nonviolent Direct Action (NDA).