The focus of this theme is on the preparation and planning for teaching nonviolent peacebuilding at various levels. There will be opportunities to design curriculum content and learning processes appropriate to context and to consider the experience of others who have been educating in this area.

Content areas:  review of sample curricula and lesson outlines; familiarity with learning aims, activities, resources and teaching process; creating local, school-based curriculum outlines and developing plans for implementation.

Year 10-12 Unit Sample: Peace and Nonviolence

Week 1          Reality review: what is violence/nonviolence

Week 2          Historical, anthropological and theological connections

Week 3          Transformation – the nonviolent Jesus

Weeks 4/5     People of Peace – past and present; local, national, global stories

Weeks 6/7     Practice of nonviolence in our daily lives

Weeks 8-9      Engage – create local projects for nonviolent peacebuilding

Week 10        Review and reflect