Beauty’s victory

tree of life from weaponsMy beautiful Teresa teaches me so much about prayer, life, nonviolence and following the One who has conquered not with tanks rolling in but with a towel washing feet. The other day I found myself telling my friend Ian Barns that Teresa has taught me that beauty is a sign of the transformation of the world. That beauty is of eschatological importance. Later he sent me this brilliant article from one of my favourite theologians N.T. Wright. (click here)

Teresa working with children in CambodiaThe artwork of Mozambican artists: Cristovao Canhavato (Kester), Hilario Nhatugueja, Fiel dos Santos and Adelino Serafim Maté who take the weapons of war and turn them into parables of healing.

So Teresa (pictured right working with children in Cambodia) has taught me God longs to do with our lives. And with all of creation.

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