Don’t miss this ‘Peacemaking Crim’

Ciaron O'Reilly with some of us Peace Tree crewOur mate Ciaron O’Reilly is about to rock Melbourne.

“Ciaron O’Reilly is a devout Brisbane-born Christian pacifist. In a life dedicated to protest, he’s been jailed for disarming warplanes, dismantling uranium mining machinery and performing exorcisms of warships. To some he’s an inspiration, to others a criminal.” (Andrew Denton: Enough Rope June 2006)

Ciaron O'ReillyLast year before Ciaron went on trail and before he was on Andrew Denton’s enough rope our Peace Tree crew with EPYC had him out in Perth stirring things up. He didn’t disappoint. Those who have heard me speak will know that because of my faith I often talk of “conflict transformation”. My inspiring mate Ciaron with a smile will often share his take:

“Some Christian’s are into conflict resolution. As a Christian, I’m into conflict escalation”.

If you’re near Melbourne don’t miss this funny, inspiring, intelligent, controversial, internationally renowned ploughshares activist.

Ciaron and ploughshares activists with Desmond Tutu

*7.30pm Friday August  24th.

Brunswick Baptist Church

491 Sydney Rd. Brusnwick

*7.30pm Tuesday August 28th. 

Cornerstone Contact Centre

Cnr. Walker and Plason st. Dandenong

For more info contact my mates John Jensen or Simon Moyle who are doing fantastic stuff in Melbourne.

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