Arms Expo Cancelled!

Fantastic news – the arms expo to be held in Adelaide this November has just been cancelled!

News report here (note: the paper was a strong supporter of the arms expo).

OzPeace (key organisers of the planned nonviolent protests) press release here.

And a wonderful analysis provided by one protestor:

Us violent feral low life people armed with our deadly heat seeking loudspeakers must use the night to celebrate

That all those peace loving people with their toys missiles , cannons, guns, bombers, tanks, frigates etc are not bringing their toys here.

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One thought on “Arms Expo Cancelled!

  1. I disagree with the way kevin foley(supposed member of the labor movement?!?!) described us anarchists as.. “feral low-life scum who want nothing more than for society to be in a state of near anarchy for their own perverse pleasure.”

    Can’t he get it right?! We want society to be in a state of total anarchy! for the perverse pleasure of all!

    Haha, good times have been had, i’m somewhat happy at how polarised the news article was with itself. With such allegations as “highly organised – feral low life scum”. Now that’s a catch phrase i intend to flaunt.

    Aswell as having some bumper stickers made up –
    “my [son/daughter] is a violent feral anarchist!”


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