UN International Day of Peace

Yesterday was the International Day of Peace and I was out like many others trying to create a more peace filled world.  I wonder to my self at times if any thing I do makes any difference. But participation in events to celebrate this day are growing. Last night I was heartened to recieve an email that reported the following news. The UN said guns fell silent across Afghanistan on Sunday for an international peace day that saw pledges by the U.S., NATO, Afghan government and the Taliban halt attacks. The U.N. said tens of thousands of international and Afghan soldiers as well as Taliban “all stood down from offensive military operations in support of the biggest International Peace day effort that Afghanistan has known. Cut and paste link for full article http://ap.google.com/article/ALeqM5jPEwS3wTMlBo_K2WOS6GhZ9cQsKQD93B5CV00  

So maybe one day a year will become many days a year until we have forgotten just what it is to make war on each other.

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