High Court reopens BAE-Saudi corruption investigation

Some great news from the UK (if a bit delayed): the Campaign Against Arms Trade and The Corner House have won a High Court case forcing the Serious Fraud Squad to re-open a corruption investigation into BAE’s arms exports to Saudi Arabia. The investigation had been closed after pressure from both parties was put on the UK government. The Court called it a “paradigm case” that concerns “the way this country is governed”.

Insipring news for those of us planning to protest the international arrms expo in Adelaide in November!

The judges expressly thanked CAAT and The Corner House for bringing the judicial review of the SFO decision because important matters of public interest would not otherwise have seen the light of day, in particular, privileged access to 10 Downing Street and threats to an independent prosecutor.

The CAAT media release with details on the trial can be found here.

Congratulations to all involved.

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