Extraordinary forgiveness

Amazing story here about a woman who has put into practice the kind of radical forgiveness Jesus taught and that other groups such as the Amish have demonstrated. Courageous people such as this show that a world of violence and revenge can give way to a world of forgiveness and love of enemy, even in the midst of what must be excruciating pain.

We hear a lot about human forgiveness in our lives. We hear it from church pulpits and political platforms. But very few public individuals – be they religious enthusiasts or heads of government – ever move you with their courage in forgiving those who have harmed them or the people they represent.

Welcome to this exceptional club, Margaret Mizen.

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2 thoughts on “Extraordinary forgiveness

  1. Thanks Simon – amazing woman. The comments though sadly reinforced everything the journalist was saying about a culture of spite. I’m glad the journo called the church on their comparable LACK of forgiveness, too.

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